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woman doing yoga

5-Pose Yoga Fix: Yoga for Sciatica Relief

MyFitnessPal // Fitness

To ease sciatica, practice hip openers and gentle backbends, which strengthen the low-back muscles. These poses help loosen your hips, lengthen your spine and relieve sciatica.


How to Counter the Effects of Too Much Dopamine

Be Brain Fit // Health

A high dopamine level can lead to more risk taking, addictive behaviors, and mental disorders. Learn about natural remedies and lifestyle changes that help.

rice and beans

Why Complete Protein Matters

MyFitnessPal // Health

We know about good fats and bad fats; good carbs and bad carbs. But what about the quality of protein you’re consuming? Not all protein is created equal.

illustration of human profile

Train Your Mind: Overcoming Negative Thoughts Is Half the Battle

Tiny Buddha // Health

Negative thoughts are next to impossible to fully stop. Instead, you must train your mind to challenge them with stronger, positive thoughts.

older woman with tablet

4 Ways to Grow Your Intelligence — at Any Age

Bulletproof // Health

It’s widely accepted that brain health declines with age. But new research suggests this doesn’t have to be the case.

carbs text

Does Carb Cycling Work? It Depends.

Mark's Daily Apple // Health

Keto may not be for everyone, and low-carb is not the only way to eat well, but most would agree that people in the modern world tend to eat way too many carbs.

fit woman

4 Laws of Muscle

Outside Online // Fitness

For anyone who seeks to push their limits, or who plans to get old, here are the key lessons researchers in the field have gleaned.

man at computer

Surprising Mindfulness Hacks That Will Add Hours to Your Day

Bulletproof // Health

Stopping time seems like a hefty claim. Filmmaker, Qi Gong Master, and Eastern spiritual leader Dr. Pedram Shojai authored a mindfulness guide to do just that.

woman wrapping wrists

The Best Types of Exercise for Anxiety, Ranked

mindbodygreen // Health

In addition to preventing disease, increasing longevity, and improving memory, exercise has proved an incredibly effective method for maintaining and improving mental health.

preparing veggies

67 Science-Backed Weight-Loss Strategies

MyFitnessPal // Health

Losing weight isn’t easy — and doing it in a healthy, sustainable way can make the task feel even harder.

Man doing crunches

Strength Training Can Add Years to Your Life

Runner's World // Health

If cardio is all you’re doing, it might be time to make a few changes. New research found that strength training can add years to your life.

plates of healthy food

These Are the 3 Best Mood-Boosting Foods

mindbodygreen // Health

Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef and author of Eat Your Way to Happiness, shares his top three foods to fend off the winter blues.

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woman checking blood sugar with device

The 3 Worst Foods for Blood Sugar and 6 Healthy Foods to Eat Instead

Paleo Blog // Health

How much glucose is produced and how our body responds to it is determined by a few key factors.

two women with surfboard

A 3-Minute Meditation to Turn Jealousy Into Joy

Sonima // Health

Feeling jealous? Transform a negative emotion into a positive one with this quick and easy guided meditation from Sanjeev Verma.

preparing meat for cooking

5 Diet Changes You Need to Make to Build Muscle

Runner's World // Health

If building serious muscle is your end goal, pumping iron alone isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Another crucial factor? Your diet.

healthy foods

The Insulin-Illness Connection

Mark's Daily Apple // Health

Improving insulin sensitivity and reducing fasting insulin levels have major ramifications for your health, longevity, and resistance to disease.

bowls of soup

The One Food an Inflammation Expert Eats Daily

mindbodygreen // Health

Chronic inflammation will wreak havoc on your body, both inside and out. The good news is, you can reverse it, and it starts with what you eat.

illustration of happy family

We All Make Mistakes, so Let’s Try to Remember the Good

Tiny Buddha // Health

We're all only human. We all make mistakes. And we all have the choice to honor each other by remembering the best moments instead of focusing on the worst.

man running

Exercise Motivation: How an Anti-Inflammatory Paleo Diet Changes the Game

Paleo Leap // Fitness

Can't work up the motivation to get to the gym? Your diet might have something to do with it: learn how a modern diet tanks exercise motivation.

old people doing push ups

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy Shows “Remarkable” Results in Human Trials

Big Think // Health

The results of two human clinical trials involving elderly patients suffering from frailty showed no adverse side effects and “remarkable” physical improvement.

man walking

7 Reasons Why You Need to Walk More

MyFitnessPal // Fitness

Adding walking to your day — in traditional and unexpected ways — can help improve your cardio and running, too.

person walking in forest

Why Forests and Rivers Are the Most Potent Health Tonic Around

Aeon // Health

The idea that immersing yourself in forests and nature has a healing effect is far more than just folk wisdom.

doctor and patient

Your Diet May Not Be Clogging Your Arteries. Instead, This Might Be the Culprit

Big Think // Health

A new study finds that it may not be what we eat, or at least that’s not the whole story. After all, some people eat a terrible diet and never develop cardiovascular disease.

baked turkey

3 Stuffing Recipes for the Classic, the Paleo, and the Gluten-Free Guest

The Greatist // Health

Everyone always blames "too much turkey" on the post-Thanksgiving dinner food coma, but we're pretty sure the stuffing is at fault.